Restoring Musical Boxes & Musical Clocks

Musical boxes preserve forgotten music from a past age. Similarly, musical clocks, some dating back to the 16th century, play melodies from another era.
Musical clocks have suffered over the years as many traditional clock restorers lack skills to repair the musical component.
This book tells how to repair and restore all types of musical box both cylinder and disc types plus miniature movements and singing birds and clocks that play music on bells, organs or dulcimers. Find how to repin cylinders, repair discs, re-cover bellows and make organ pipes. Learn the right way to restring dulcimers and undertake restoration tasks from replacing springs to case repairs. The text is extensively illustrated with drawings and photographs.
For clocks that have lost their original musical programme there are instructions on how to make and pin new barrels. Examples of suitable tunes are given with advice on how to arrange and set new music to the barrel, including actual pinning charts.
Throughout, this book highlights the correct conservation and restoration procedures to be followed. Highly recommended for collector and restorer, as well as museum conservationist.
368 pages, comprehensively illustrated. 35 plus post & packing
ISBN 0 9523270 2 3
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