Perpetual Motion

Leonardo da Vinci, Baron le Duc, Robert Fludd, Newton, Bessler, John Worrell Kelly, James Cox & The Search for Perpetual Motion! Make a machine which gives out more work than the energy you put into it and you have perpetual motion. The deceptively simple task of making a mechanism which would turn forever fascinated many an inventor, and a number of famous men and physicists applied themselves to the task. Their quest for perpetual motion in some cases became an obsession.

Arthur Ord-Hume’s masterful history of this subject was first published in 1977 and proved an instant success. Reprinted and translated into both Japanese and Russian, this work has been in constant demand for almost thirty years! In this new and revised edition, the subject is brought up to date with an account of very recent work at defying the Laws of Physics.

236 pages plus Appendices, paperback, ISBN 1-931882-51-7

Adventures Unlimited Press, Illinois.