Musical Clock - A Guide for Collectors

Musical boxes as we know them have been around in Europe since at least the middle of the 18th century although the first Swiss invention records the date as 1796. These musical interpreters were the creations of the finest European artisans and served to bring automatic music into the homes of people who might probably never get the opportunity to hear the popular music of the age, the latest operatic arias, rousing marches or Sunday hymns. This book is the definitive history of the musical box and describes the origins and development of all types of automatic instrument from the cylinder musical box through to musical watches and snuff-boxes to the disc-playing musical boxes and the organette. A major section on repair and restoration is followed by a comprehensive list of makers, patentees and agents together with a guide to identifying trade-marls and tune-sheets. There is also a listing of European and American patents. Illustrated extensively with superb photographs in both colour and black and white as well as extensive line illustrations from the pen of the Author. Published by Schiffer Books, Pennsylvania, 1995. 343 pp hardback.. ISBN 0-88740-764-1. Contact the publishers at