The First Home-Built Aeroplanes

The inter-war years brought a great expansion in the amateur-built aircraft movement in Britain. It was pioneered by publisher George Newnes & Company's magazine Practical Mechanics. Edited by F J Camm, this monthly journal instructed the ordinary man in the street how to build just about anything. The arrival of Henri Mignet's Flying Flea was an opportunity not to be missed and the magazine serialised the construction of this small aircraft. After it was found to be defective and was withdrawn, a new design from the drawing-board of C H Latimer-Needham appeared to cater for the unfulfilled urge for the ordinary man to build his own aeroplane. The magazine now serialised the construction of the Luton Minor. At the end of the Second World War, by which time the Luton Minor had been redesigned to meet present-day needs, Practical Mechanics again ran a series of articles on how the build what was now the Luton LA,4A Minor.
This book contains every single page of all three articles from Practical Mechanics, starting with the 1935 Flying Flea, continuing with the pre-war Luton Minor and ending with the post war Luton LA.4A Minor. Reproduces all the old colour covers and every article. Extra illustrated throughout. Published by Stenlake Publishing Ltd, Catrine, 2011. 108 pp, decorative paper covers, ISBN 978 184 0334494. £9.95 direct from the Author or contact the publisher at