A companion volume to the Author's definitive work AUTOGIRO (Mushroom Books), this is the story of the invention of the Autogiro told in a carefully-chosen selection of photographs, each with a well-informed caption. It tells how the Autogiro was developed from the trial-and-error days of Cierva in Spain to the perfection of the C.30A and C.40 at Hanworth before the 1939-45 War. Many rare photographs are published for the first time showing the experiments of Harold Pitcairn and the brothers Kellett in America. A fine series of contemporary advertisements shows just how the Autogiro was promoted both in America and in Britain. The story relates some of the curiosities that have appeared along the way as well as some of the more recent successes such as Wing Cmdr Ken Wallis and his little gyroplanes, one of which starred in a James Bond film. Published by Stenlake Publishing Ltd, Catrine, 2011. 145 illustrations, 96 pp, decorative paper covers, ISBN 978 184 0335590. £13.95 direct from the Author or contact the publisher at www.stenlake.co.uk.