CURIOSITIES OF FLIGHT – Some Unusual Ideas on Flying from Flapping Wings to the Jet Age

It is amazing the enormous variety of shapes and forms of flying-machines Man has dreamed up over the ages. From amateur theorists and their flapping-winged machines, paddle helicopters and multi-winged 'safety' planes to the weird and wonderful of the Top Secret defence projects, the world is full of strange looking aircraft. From the mundane such as the twin-fuselaged Piper Cub and the twin-engined Slingsby sailplane to the three-engined Douglas Dakota, four-engined Gloster Meteor, five-engined Avro Lincoln and other such oddities, this book offers a huge selection of strange and sometimes amusing aeronautical oddities. A wonderful selection of photographs show oddities such as the first adjustable-pitch airscrew fitted to a WW1 SE.5A, a mysterious circular Russian glider claimed to possess vertical take-off ability, and the wonderfully-engineered but impossibly complex Holle Varioplane, makes this a book that will amuse and inform, shock – and sometimes horrify – its readers. Comprehensive explanatory captions throughout. Published by Stenlake Publishing Ltd, Catrine, 2012. 213 illustrations, 112 pp, decorative paper covers, ISBN 978 184 0335705. £16.00 direct from the Author or contact the publisher at