BRITISH PRIVATE AIRCRAFT. Vol.2 An A to Z of Club and Private Aeroplanes

The second of this two-volume set provides extensive details and production totals of all civil and potentntially civil prototype light aeroplanes designed and built in that rish yet difficult quarter-century that followed the end of the War. Besides well over 125 distinct types of aeroplane this volume also contains details of light plane projects and designs that for one reason or another were abandoned, These extend from the Wren Goldcrest and Thurstan Tawney Owl to the sad story of the Essex Aero Sprite and the twin-engined Hillborne Halcyon. Names such as Spraymaster and Paladin conjour faint memories of lost and forgotten expectations. Many of these projects are provided with three-view drawings and even photographs where available. On a more mundane lever, many authors have tried to catalogue the many different types of Auster aircraft: the tabulation in this book will reveal a few surprises and its extensive nature reveals the outcome of many years' of fact-finding and recording from the days when the Author was closely associated with the Rearsby company. Comprehensively indexed and extensively illustrated. Published by Mushroom Model Publications, Petersfield, 2012. Full details imminent! Contact